All Systems Go...with kinesiology


Jocelyn Saggers first recognised the benefits of kinesiology when she worked as an early childhood teacher.   After lunch, the children would come in hot, distracted and chatty from play; by using a simple kinesiology routine known as the “5 Minute Switch On”, the students became calm, focused and ready to learn.  (Imagine if all teachers and parents were armed with this technique?!)

Now a specialised kinesiology practitioner, Jocelyn’s core business is working with children aged 5-9 who are having trouble learning, moving or behaving.  This includes working with their parents – kinesiology is a great for removing the ‘buttons’ your children are so good at pushing!

Jocelyn’s clients include:

  • Children having trouble learning, moving and behaving. (put links to different pages)
  • Businesses interested in improving staff well being and productivity.
  • Adults who are sick and tired of being sick and tired or want to make changes in their lives.
  • Sportspeople wanting to prevent sports injuries, improve recovery time and achieve more PBs.
  • Teachers and Parents

“Homework is always an issue, with me getting agitated and my child  shutting down and cowering. After an hour of Kinesiology, I know find that homework is less stressful for everyone in the house. I don’t get all wound up on the drive home from school. I used to hover as she did her homework now  I am available and I  trust her to do her best work. Life’s good.”(insert initials and suburb)