All Systems Go...with kinesiology

Children with Learning Difficulties

Drawing on her background in early childhood teaching, Jocelyn Saggers specialises in assisting children to overcome learning difficulties. Learning should be fun and easy, but sometimes no matter how hard the student tries, how good the teacher is or how much tutoring the parents provide, the brain is just not switched on and learning is difficult. Kinesiology de-stresses and switches the brain on so that it can get on with the fun and exciting business of learning. Body Brain Balance also offers brainy workshops for parents and teachers which provide adults with simple, clever techniques for their parenting and teacher ‘tool kits’. Is this your child?

Move Right to Learn Right

MRLR is a movement program that helps get young brains and bodies switched on and ready for learning. If your child is having trouble learning at school and has one or some of these signs of learning difficulty …… messy writer, didn’t crawl, bottom scooted, can’t sit still, clumsy or uncoordinated, blinks and turns head away when catching a ball, follows one instruction then is lost, slow copying off the board…… then Move Right to Learn Right (MRLR) is for that child. Click here for more MRLR information. 

5 Minute Switch-On exercises

NLK Mental Fitness Exercises provide a program of home support for students who have a Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology balance. These exercises can be easily and quickly completed at home or in the classroom and are designed to enhance living and learning. The five minute switch-on is a simple routine that switches the brain on and gets it ready for learning or work. The exercises improve performance and attitude. Not only is the routine used in class or before homework, but can be used by any age group as part of a wake-up routine in the morning, or at work to gain focus. Learn how to use these Brainy Exercises work by coming to workshops for teachers and parents. Click here to see workshop dates and times. Click here to see workshop dates and times.

NLK Mental Fitness Exercises
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