All Systems Go...with kinesiology


What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a gentle, effective and wholistic natural therapy.  As brain and body are intimately linked parts of a whole – if a person’s body energy is out of sync, they can experience a whole range of physical, mental, emotional or behavioural problems.

A kinesiology balance uses muscle monitoring to locate energy imbalances which can then be cleared, often resulting in physical and emotional healing and personal growth in a client’s life.  This scope and flexibility is why kinesiology is a fast growing area of the natural health community.

I hobbled  around with a sore knee  for months.  There was a ‘bully’ muscle in the leg that would not let some other muscles work properly. Jocelyn did some bully busting and now the other muscles can do their work properly. No more sore knee.  GP @Townsville